Tuesday, February 10, 2015

From One Jungle to the Next


Listening to the woman behind me reminisce on the double cheeseburger she ate at 5 Guys earlier.

A more detailed currently:

Sitting in the LA Airport checking to make sure my passport is still in my bag every other minute and eating a $4 bag of Chex Mix.  And of course, blogging. 

Given the title of this post, let’s talk about these “jungles.”  

Since I flew out of JFK, which is about 6 hours from home for me, my parents and I drove down to the area a few days early.  So I got to spend my last full day in the States in the big and beautiful NEW YORK CITY! Well, it sure is big, and about 2% of it is actually beautiful.  I also dislike cities so don’t let me discourage you from visiting yourself. 

Despite my distaste for cities, I couldn’t have asked for a better last day in the US of A (you didn’t know I can make poetry too?!)!

Some highlights of the day include:
  1. Purchasing a bag of 1.5 ft long Twizzlers
  2.  Proceeding to feed a Twizzler to a homeless guy asking me for money
  3. Having an (N/A) beverage at MY FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD the Hard Rock CafĂ© (if you read the About Emily page you’d know classic rock is my thing)
  4. Making new friends

  5. Seeing/saying farewell to one of my best friends, Miss Lauren Muldoon, who is studying/interning in NYC this semester (check out her blog here)
  6. And of course, the quality family time I got to spend with these two cuties
    Meet Tom & Esther
I really cannot thank these two enough for everything they’ve done for me; especially for the support they’ve given me in taking this big adventure! I am probably one of the more stubborn, moody, and annoying 20-year olds to have around for a parent, so I give major props to these two for dealing with me for as long as they have. 

So having the opportunity to explore a cool place with them while having some childish fun on my last day here was everything I could have asked for.  I mean, how many kids can say they’ve witnessed their mom skip through the Times Square Toys R Us (after a few drinks at the Hard Rock might I add) or help their dad scavenge his last $6 to buy a humungous bag of Twizzlers?  Yea I’m pretty lucky. 

The 6-hour flight from New York to LA was nothing too special besides some sponsored videos I got to watch about Quantum Physics and the Universe. 

BUT I DID locate the Hollywood sign as we were landing, which I mildly “fangirled” about for 15 seconds.  I desperately tried to capture a photo for the purpose of this blog (probably to the displeasure of the two businesswoman native to LA I was sitting in between) but unfortunately it didn’t come out too well. I hope you can enjoy the other Kodak moment I captured instead.   

SO in summary, I have

2 hours and 56 minutes until I depart for Sydney
A 15-hour plane ride
A 2-hour layover, and
One last 3-hour plane ride

and then humble abode Christchurch!


Marvincredenomouns (marvehn-inkred-uh-ee-num-en-es)
1. Marvelous, incredible, phenomenal and other good feelings I can’t really describe.


Keep Happy,


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