Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Nation's #1 "College" Town

Ithaca, NY - The Nation's #1 Collegetown

Let me tell you about Ithaca’s most esteemed recognition.

It’s a lie.

Well, it’s actually not a lie.  It’s like a lie-fact.

Liefact (ly-fakt)
1. When there is a somewhat unnoticeable, and deeper meaning to one truth, which in turn, makes the implied truth sort of… false, but equally still true.

Let me explain.

I’m not going to bash on Ithaca and say there’s no way it’s the #1 Collegetown just because the bars close at 1 and I’m pretty sure the North Pole is right down the street.

Ithaca is an exceptional college town. We have two renown colleges 3 miles from each other, friendly, local retail door to door, and some of the happiest people you’ll ever see eat a flavorless organic bowl of tofu.

But Ithaca has two faces.

College students and “townies.”

I realize now that many students have not had the opportunity to experience the “townie” side of life like I have been able to recently. Most students stick to the two downtown bars (2nd Floor and Moonies), campus, and Chipotle.

For those of you who fall within that category, CHANGE THAT.

Ithaca is not just the Nation’s #1 Collegetown, it’s the Nation’s #1 Town. I was beginning to see this after having worked with “townies” for the past year, and meet more than the usual fair share of locals for a student.

Now shout out to (drum roll) fjiadjklfjg kfm,mc,vm…….

My cousin Lauren.

Lauren is an outgoing, beautiful cousin of mine who made a surprise visit to Ithaca the other night. Lauren’s friend plays in a reggae band called the I Town Allstars at a local bar that I had only vaguely heard of previously. A few hours after her spontaneous decision to drive down, we met up and went out to check out reggae night at this bar. (Check out the Reggae Night page here)

To say the very least, I SAW A WHOLE NEW SIDE OF ITHACA.

I did not hate it.

I also smelled a whole new side of Ithaca.

I had mixed feelings about that.

The band members were so musically gifted and on point with every song they played, and upon meeting my cousin’s friend and the rest of the band "backstage" (AKA side room that smelled liked musty boy), I felt kind of like this:

I would explain this new face of Ith in detail regarding the “vibes” and “electricity” and all those real not-made-up adjectives out there, but I do not want to sound corny. Or crazy. Or shot.

Looks like you fellow Ithacans will have to take my word for it and check it out yourselves. And truthfully, anyone who’s free on a Wednesday night should check out another face of his or her town too.

So Ithaca, NY, not just the Nation’s #1 Collegetown, but the Nation’s #1 Town.

This gives the Nation’s #1 Collegetown a somewhat unnoticeable, deeper meaning, which in turn makes the implied recognition sort of…false, but still equally true.

There you have it, a lie-fact.

Keep Happy,

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