Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Emily wants YOU to tell her what to do...


This happens rarely. Just ask my parents.

So in between working and thinking about making a list of what I need to pack rather than actually writing a list of what I need to pack, I’ve been making a list of other things; things I plan to do while at these venturesome islands.

I’d like my readers to get as excited about this upcoming adventure as I am, so I’m using this post to get ideas of things to do whilst "studventuring" abroad.  

Studventuring (stuhd-ven-tur-eng)
1. When what you're doing is technically called studying but on a real note you're not actually studying.  You are mostly just adventuring.

My main goal for this blog is to fill it with as many fascinating stories and interesting (and potentially awkward) experiences as I can without exaggerating…a lot.

Here’s a list of what I already plan on doing: 

Studventurous Things To Do in New Zealand Without Dying
  • Blackwater raft
  • Sandboard
  • Water surf
  • Fly fish (this is for my fishing-obsessed family)
  • Hike (AKA “Tramping” in NZ language) everywhere my out-of-shape body will allow me to
  • Bungee jump
  • Go parasailing
  • Have a philosophical revelation atop the Shire
  • Eat a cute dead lamb… maybe
  • Go to class… also maybe
  •  Befriend the Kiwis

(NZers call themselves Kiwis….)

Activities such as blackwater rafting and sandboarding I had never even heard of until I discovered New Zealand, and I learn more and more about what I can do there as the departure date of February 10th comes closer.  I’m interested in what other cool things people have heard about in NZ so that I can expand my small-but-growing list of Studventurous Things To Do in New Zealand Without Dying (even if you have to make up something, remember: we make up our own words here).

I am going to try my ABSOLUTE best to fulfill every suggestion I add to my list of Studventurous Things To Do In New Zealand Without Dying. But keep in mind I am a…."human" being, not the Incredible Hulk. 

So PLEASE post a comment, message me, whatever, and share the wealth of knowledge of things to do whilst studventuring abroad.  Sharing is caring.  

THANK YOU & Keep Happy,

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  1. Oh..oh...I have a suggested activity. Study in a University of Canterbury library. :)