About Emily

Well hello!

I am a 20-year old... "human" residing in the quirky town of Ithaca, New York.  I attend Ithaca College as a sophomore Integrated Marketing Communications with a minor in Art.  

What am I going to do when I'm older? 

Your guess is probably as good as mine.  Classic amateur adult. 

Despite the anxiety of having no real life plan at this point, I absolutely love my college, and love the town even more.  

Ithaca is an interesting blend of very intelligent people, many of whom work at one of the renowned universities here, very sketchy people, many of whom don’t work at all, those “Hipster” people, ya know with the facial hair and vegan diets, and every life form in between.  The school itself brings in every type from the trust fund hippie to the Long Island lax player.  

Having been raised in a small town where the lovely smell of cow poop travelled to my nose during windy track practices, it’s safe to say I hadn’t been exposed to much diversity pre-college.  And in Ithaca, diversity grows like Jack’s magic beanstalks.  My day-to-day encounters are quite entertaining, to say the least.

You can find me...

  • Sketching weird things...not art...just things
  • Watching the glorious YouTube sensation, Miranda Sings
  • Eating Swedish Fish
  • Tripping over nothing 
  • In the middle of a mental breakdown

Interests/Special Talents/Fun Facts

  • I have double-jointed thumbs
  • I can do backflips
  • I really, really, really enjoy alone time. But I also like people.  So just your basic intro-extro-vert. 
  • Despite my femalism, I don't want to get married or have children
  • I make up my own words 
    • Example/ Femalism: Being a female (adjective)
  • I think Computer Science and Physics are fun (Go figure, but literally, go figure)
  • Classic rock over everything
  • I am very pro-diversity
  • I am broke

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