Why I'm writing this blog...

For the next five months, I will be taking the adventure of a lifetime in Christchurch, New Zealand.... YES NEW ZEALAND WITH LIKE FRODO AND FRIENDS.

Known as "The Garden City", Christchurch sits about 1/3 of the way down on New Zealand's South island.  It has a population of about 341,000 "Kiwis" (AKA New Zealanders).  

Of all the places I could have gone, Christchurch, New Zealand was the farthest place for me to travel, the most expensive plane ride for me to buy, and probably the most dangerous place to go given the 72 earthquakes it attracts each day.  

Yet something about the Islands of which it is composed fills me with an overwhelming inclination to explore them myself.  Maybe it's from watching Lord of the Rings too many times, maybe it's because I'm stubborn and act on a whim, whatever, I am now going to be living there for five months.  

Anyways, it would be selfish of me to not share the majesty of the country and the thrilling adventures I will encounter.  

No worries, I'll do the bungee jumping and blackwater rafting for you.  I just hope that  you enjoy my pictures and detailed accounts of it all from the comfort of a computer screen.  So sit back, enjoy the ride, and LEGGO.

Me in New Zealand:

 But actually, this is what I'll be doing: 

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